Laptop Clinic Offers Premium Quality Computer Repair Services at Affordable Price.

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About Laptop clinic

Your Professional IT Support

Laptop Clinic is your professional IT support team. We have more than 20 years experience in Hardware and computer repair and diagnostics. Therefore we can give our customers the best possible support and quote they can get from anywhere in Australia (We do believe in that!)

Some Of Our Services

  • Troubleshooting BGA Graphics chipsets for all laptop brands
  • Motherboard repair
  • Ability to rebuild laptops and desktops and replace various hardware components
  • Fast laptop diagnostics
  • Laptop screen repair and replacement
  • Liquid damaged laptop repair
  • On-site Services within Brisbane Region
  • 45 Days Service Guarantee


Wondering why choosing us would be the best option for all your laptop worries? Well, there are many convincing points that might allure you to take up our service. A few of which could be recorded as below:

1. We are just a call away.

2. On site services are provided for special areas.

3. Call us to get a qoute and diagnosis of the problem perfectly.

4. Recognized and licensed service for perfect solution.

5. Faster rectification as sought by customers.


With 20 years of experience we specialize in several factors and most of them are recorded as below:

1. Top-notch services with latest technologies

2. Same day delivery

3. Highly skilled and experienced professionals look after the issue.

4. Proper testing after fixing the issues.

5. IT support at its best.

6. Liquid damage is repaired,

7. repairing motherboards, ports,

8. broken laptop screen repairs

9. any sort of problems with P/C and laptops are resolved.


Specialitists provide perfect IT services and solution to P/C or Laptops. The delivery of the items are done within one day and the problems are solved perfectly! The recurring of the problem within 45 days makes it eligible for customers to take the service for free!


1. If the experts cannot fix your issues, no fees demanded.

2. Free fixation of problems when it recurs in 45 days of the servioces done!

3. Quality work is the guarantee. 4. Money return is an assurance.

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