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90% of the time, this problem is caused by the power module failure from motherboard. It is common that power module failure will also cause serious damages to other parts of motherboard. The motherboard must be repaired as well in order to fix this problem.

Yes, we are able to repair Apple (Mac) computers and laptops. Usually our prices are much more affordable than other shops and even Apple. We can repair both new Intel and old G4 systems.

Advice is free. We will not charge you for advice.

We can help it usually takes less than 24 hours for us to order a screen and install it.

We will copy your data before formatting your computer and put it back on after we are done. You will need to provide copies of your programs as these can not be transferred.

Yes. We offer a No Fix No Fee Guarantee – which means if we can’t deliver a solution, you pay nothing. We also have a 30 day work Satisfaction Guarantee where our onsite work is guaranteed for 45 days.

Yes, we just need to replace the LCD or LED screen. The price varies according to make/model/age/resolution/supply and demand. To get an exact price – call us or submit an online quote.

It is common for laptops with damaged Windows files to try to load Windows then crash (commonly with the “blue screen of death” (as the geeks call it)) and loop around trying to load the operating system. It is also common for Windows to partially load then freeze up before you see icons, or for it to crash and go to the safe-mode F8 menu.
To determine if its hardware or software we have some hard-drive technician tools that tests the drives and the Windows structures. In about 75% of the time it’s the hard drive rather than a “spontaneous” corruption of Windows files (or a virus/spyware attack). To determine what the exact problem is the technicians would need to test your laptop and then quote on repair.

This issue can be caused by having a faulty LCD’s flat cable. Another possibility is the short-voltage on your motherboard to your LCD.

Sure, We can do that for you and if we have a spare keyboard, we can do that for you for FREE. Yes, no cost. Just bring it here and we fix it for you.

Yes, We can fix your keyboard or in some cases we need to replace it. Just bring it to us and we an fix it ASAP.

Yes, we can. We do offer on-site services for an extra charge.
Please give us a call or contact us via email to get a quote regarding our on-site services and policy.

Yes, We are located in Oxley, Brisbane. You can check out our address from our contact page.

Yes, We can fix your laptop. Our specialists not even can repair your laptop, we can also give you the best quote guaranteed!

In most cases we can service your laptop the next business day.
But we do also offer ONE-day delivery.(Terms and condition apply!)

This issue can be caused either by having virus/malwares on your system or
having bad sector on your hard-drive (Faulty hard-drive)
We do offer free diagnostic & quote, so you can bring your laptop to us and we will let you know what’s
wrong with it. Then if you’re happy with the quote we will fix it for you as soon as possible.

No, Unfortunately we only fix laptops/desktops.

We can fix any issue on any brand. Asus, HP, Dell, Sony, Apple(Mac), Toshiba, Acer, etc.

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